Tracii Black

Welcome Again

My name is Tracii Black. I would like to thank you for taking this time to get to know more about me.

For years as a little girl I spent my time learning how to cook and enjoying different types of food that could potentially improve health over long periods of time.

As an old soul I still believe that food is also medication. what you eat you save your life.


Growing up I was raised in a Huge family . We all loved to eat different types of food that made one happy. Unfortunately for me I really didn’t get used to eating much, I was always small, skinny, and underweight .I also struggled with liking food in general: my first in the USA I was adopted from Africa so it took time for me to adjust to a new setting and also find the right food for me.

What’s good for you to eat ?

I never liked to limit myself from enjoying different types of food.

I didn’t want to stop eating something I love just because something has high carbs, high sugar, too much fat. it really wasn’t part of my agenda because I love pizza, burgers, French fries , salads and seafood.

I absolutely wasn’t trying to lose anything I love so instead , I found a solution to my problem

What’s the secret?

it’s as crazy has it sounds but the secret is simple , very simple and you can probably find it in your house Right this moment !

Get the answer today right below by simply signing up for a conversation with me just to get to know you.